Internet of Things (IoT)

With the rise of Internet of Things, it is expected that more than 20 billion of devices will be connected to Internet changing the way of our lives. Primarily IoT devices need sensors for converting real world data to a measured value, a processing unit and a communication interface. The intelligence for acting the data could be available locally or in the cloud platform or a mix of both. It is the IoT technologies ability to quickly collect, segregate and draw insights from data, the reason for the excitement behind it.

With Netserv’s rich background in embedded systems development and deployment across industrial verticals, is a leading internet of things development company, Under one umbrella, Netserv offers its IoT services right from developing tiny end node devices, providing end-to-end secure connectivity, developing central IoT application running in the cloud to web-based or mobile apps for data visualization. We also have the ability to develop algorithms to act on the data improving customer’s RoI. Some of the IoT offerings provided by Netserv in this category are:

  • IoT Connectivity and Gateways Development Services
  • IoT Cloud Platforms and Applications
  • Data Analytics Services
  • IoT Consulting Services