Software Development

Software development is a high tech job that demands skill, time and state-of-the-art technologies and programing experience. We have worked closely with clients from various fields including the service industry, financial services, hotel industry and also manufacturing industry. We are becoming an alternative solution to local companies seeking the services of a software company.

Our Benefits:

  • Our software services are furnished by a pool of skilled and dedicated programmers. We use proven methodologies to provide quality software solutions to our clients. We use technology to innovate and enhance the entire customer experience.
  • We provide all the customer benefits through our low cost, high quality and on-time delivery of software development.
  • We can provide a wide range of application software in web and client server technologies, systems integrations, process automation, process logging, database management and software consulting.

Our Skills:

  • Both low level and high level software applications.
  • Can integrate various processes in one task
  • Designing automated test scripting
  • Designing and develop electronic realtime online applications
  • We are the pioneers in electronic online logging applications in Malta

Technology to choose from:

  • C# .NET
  • C++ or Ansi C for low level applications
  • HTML5 and css for result display
  • php / JavaScript / Jquery / mysql for online logging