Network Design Services

The unique design strategy is focused to the growth perspective of the company and achieve the business goals in a stipulated time. The key phases are:

  • Business Analysis
  • Transformation requirement analysis
  • Long term and Mid Term Network Planning
  • Short Term Planning
  • Evaluation of plans with customer requirements
  • 3 layered (Business – Technology – Quality) verification
  • High Level Design
  • 2nd Review and Analysis
  • Low Level Design
  • Asset Sourcing


Turnkey Solutions

We provide customised Turnkey Project services to meet clients requirements,


Professional Services

We provide the following Services;

  • Consulting – Adoption of new technology, Evaluation of current environment, Identifying and prospecting new technology, Design engineering (Eg: wireless site survey, Network Audit/Health check, BoM, PoC)
  • Migration – Moving/upgrading from current technology/version to new technology/version
  • Implementation/Deployment – New router install, new VLAN implementation etc
  • Training – We train users for using new technology, corporate training (Cisco & Microsoft)